Baybasi Youth Initiative

ABOUT Baybasi Youth Initiative

Welcome to Baybasi Youth Initiative. We started BYI because we dreamed of making a beneficial impact to our society. "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." We are coming together to make that change in our world, and we are starting right here with our project, Baybasi Youth Initiative, so that we can see the world become a better place. Our generation has the ability and responsibility to build a better world for children and future generations and we can start by making a difference now.

Baybasi Youth Initiative (BYI) is committed to fulfilling these goals: Organize fundraisers and various drives at different times of the year, build care packagaes, host events to raise funds, and reach out to kids in all parts of the world to participate in various projects.

BYI welcomes you to get involved in this worthy cause and help bring hope to people's lives. We initiate and drive community events that will help us reach our goal. Many participants also get the chance to go to other organizations, and help in their work. In this way, we learn more about how to reach our goals of helping people of our world. Stay tuned for more to come! "Hope is the pillar that holds up the world. Hope is the dream of a waking man."

Our Team

Snehan Ghosh


Ojasya Machiraju


Divija Ghosh


Ivy Maitra


Adri Maitra


Jayden Kanjilal


Chirayush Das



Srija Bhattacharya

UC Santa Barbara

Anoushka Banerjee

UC Berkeley

Chiroshree Das

UC Davis

Trisha Kanjilal

University of San Diego

Ishani Basak

UC Berkeley

Roshni Sahu

UC Berkeley